Android Versus Apple Review

The Indian marketplace for smartphones, especially Apple and Android, is one of the most significant contributors to the World’s dreams for smart technology. This is because India has excellent leaders and managers.

Taking that Android and Apple are both Goliaths in the technology world, the competition between them is intense. They compete on every single technological gadget they produce from apps, tablets, smartphones to features of every single one these.

According to Apple’s CEO Tim Cook, Apple has been India for a “thousand years.” Therefore the views of Indians on the performance of Android and Apple matters a lot. In India, the following are the factors that determine the convenience and the effectiveness of Apple or an Android.

The price ranges

Since India has a highly diversified economy, the cost of Android or Apple is a big concern.

Regardless of the expensive pricing of Apple globally, the sales figures for Apple have impressed in India. Tim Cook says that the sales for Apple in India on the year-on-year growth rate have gone up to 400%, with the iPad sales growing in multiple digits too. The average price range for Apple iPhones is Rs. 26,500 to Rs. 59,500, which equals to $430-$966.

However, despite the growing figures of Apple sales in India, the Android market in India is a very different story. The unit cost has caused Android to whoop sales by 90% in India. This is because India prioritizes in low-cost technological gadgets.

A senior market analyst Manasi Yadav told the Times of India that the unit cost was the main driving force to the tremendous increase in Android smartphones circularization in India. According to Manasi Yadav, the Indian market is driven by low-cost devices, therefore Android smartphones like Samsung with a price range of Rs. 5, 250 ($85) to as high as Rs. 49,500 ($810) are more affordable and hence an option to most of the Indian citizens.

Android versus Apple features

To be precise, Android is feature-rich as compared to Apple. Android has many features which are maybe useful or not useful to the user.On the other hand, Apple offers only those features which are much needed to the user and are most necessary. For this reason, Apple is consider more stable than Android. Generally, Apple is for those people who love walking on a definite path set by someone while Android is for those people who love to have more control on their side.

On the side of operating systems, iOS, which is the operating system in Apples, enables you to get software support even if the device has been discontinued for a long time. As for Androids, when you get two or three OS updates, it is most likely that you will be missing some features due to hardware limitations, and also most of the updates are not optimized for older devices.

Apple has a better and durable processor, which is strong enough to handle photo editing apps and graphic games. This is very different when compared to Android, where the processor is less durable, making the device slow, and it lacks sharp graphics for games and photo editing current leading brand in India. Android brings closer the dream for smart technology to Indians than Apple does.

apps.On Ios, there are no many apps to customize, while Android has many customizable apps making tasks easier on Android devices. Customization on Ios is slow and takes time. Androids have launchers to make the user experience different UI while users may get bored by the use of the same theme on Ios.

Apple has control over software and hardware, making the sync between the two unmatchable, and also it is not distributed to anyone else. For Android, Google develops it and then distributes it to different manufacturers like LG, Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, etc. Therefore, Android can be modified by anyone and redistributed because it is open-source.

Branding and marketing strategies

Apple and Android have a regular and intense advertisement in Indian media. These regular campaigns have significant impacts on the Indians and the target audiences.

In the means to expand its audience reach, Apple operates a revamp in India. The revamp includes a payment plan where customers can pay in partial amounts, and focusing its campaign across popular Indian television channels and Indian newspapers that are presented in the English language.

Android is also known to be synonymous with Samsung. This makes the Indian consumers identify their tablets and handsets with Samsung instead of the Android itself. This is because the market for Samsung’s other products, like household appliances and electronics, is selling very well in the Indian market. Also, the advertisement for Samsung’s campaigns in India is positioned strategically across mainstream mass media communicated in English.

The campaigns are also launch in specific Indian regional languages. Samsung is also made more accessible to the Indian masses through billboards and hoardings, which boosts its conversion figures and sales.

Applications and technical support

Androids Google Play and Apple’s iTunes are common names in India. They are familiar with both Indian smartphone users and the IT circuit.

As the smartphone’s popularity is increasingly growing in India, the Indian citizens are prioritizing in purchasing low-cost smartphones offer by brands such as HTC, Micromax, Nokia, blackberry, and Karbon. However, the Indians are known to often look for quality devices provide by the big players, such as Android and Apple.

The youths in the Indian urban palaces who secure jobs in the sectors of engineering, pharmaceuticals, IT, media, marketing, finance, and medicine are the key target audience for both Android and Apple. This audience has no qualms in buying an Apple or Android smartphone or vocally stating their opinions on the effectiveness of their purchased brand on social media or to their contacts.

Keeping the Indian customer base happy

Apple has garnered its position within the technological marketplace in India, and many users respect it for its excellent customer service and sheer technological innovation. However, courtesy of Samsung’s marketing strategies, branding, and pricing.

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