Computer Fraud In USA And India

What is computer Fraud?

Computer fraud that is commonly known as cybercrime or computer crime is the act of using the internet to steal from a person or install a virus on their computer.

Mostly, cyber thieves target the rich and those that might have the information that they may need and also hired by someone who wants to get information from people or destroy the information that they might possess.

Although America passed the bill in 1986 called The Computer Fraud and Abuse Act a law which prohibits accessing computers without authorization.
The punishment for this crime in the United States is 10years for those who have done it for the first time and 20years for those that repeated it.
In India the punishment of computer Fraud according to the law “Section-66 computer-related offences“, if any person, dishonestly, or fraudulently, does any act referred to in section 43, he shall be punishable with imprisonment for a term which may extend to two-three years or with fine which may extend to five lakh rupees or with both.


Examples of cybercrime in United States

There are different types of cyber crimes that you can be a victim and some include.

1. Malware a software that is design to disrupt, damage or gain unauthorize access to a computer system.

This is use by computer hackers who want to do destroy or steal information from a computer.


Install and keep up with the up to date antivirus/ malware software.
Install an internet security suit on all your device.

2. Debit card or credit card fraud: This is self-explanatory most people’s cards are hack into in many ways that’s if they get a hold of your card number, its easy for the hackers to steal money from you.


Keep up with your credit card or debit card by signing up for credit monitoring services, in this way you can keep informing about the transactions that have been made that aren’t done by you.

3. Compromised passwords: This is also self-explanatory. In this case, hackers can hack into your devices using the internet due to a weak password.

Creating passwords that are strong in most cases using upper case letters and lowercase letters with numbers or other keys you can’t forget.
Avoid sharing passwords with people.

4. Data breaches: This is define as an intentional and unintentional release of secure data to untrust area. But in this it is intentional


Signing up for an identity protection service to tell you or alert you about any potential data breach.

Some of the cyber crimes in India include the following

  • Virus attacks: This is the most come on cybercrime that hackers use they install a virus on your computer in order to cause damage to your system or destroy your files.
  • Pornography: It’s not fair to say that pornography is not available in every country but this is the uploading of videos on the internet in order to cause sexual arousment.
  • Web hijacking: This is where one takes control of one website by force and without any permission to use it for there own interests.
  • Cyberstalking: This is non-other than stalking a person via the internet in order to threaten them or get information from them, this can be in various ways like hacking their cameras of the laptops to see what they are doing.

It’s most common to say that cybercrimes are a lot but the most common is malware, but all this can be foregone learning about cybersecurity.

What is cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity also known as information technology security is the protection of computers from theft or the hardware is damage, and also threats to people. In simple terms, it’s the protection of computers or personal Information from unauthorized access.

Cyber Security

Types of cybersecurity threats

  • Malware: This is a software that is use to destroy or harm a computer user and its programs such as the use of computer viruses.
  • Ransomeware: This involves hackers locking the system or files of a person and later asking for payment in order to unlock them.
  • Social Engineering: This is an attack that relies on interacting with people and making them answer some questions that can easily be used against them.
  • Phishing: A form of fraud whereby false emails are sent to people just to get a hold of their personal information.

The vectors that hackers can use to threaten cybersecurity.

The word vectors simply means those devices a hacker can use to get access to computers and they include the following

  • USB sticks
  • Portable devices
  • Infected websites
  • Online quizzes
  • Personal tests
Benefits of cybersecurity include.
  • Business protection against malware software, that is through the use of antivirus software.
  • Prevention of an authorized access, here cybersecurity enables only authorized person to access the data or information.
  • Improvement of recovery time after a breach.
  • Protection of data and networks, in simple terms cybersecurity, helps in protecting data and networks of an organization or person.
  • Improvement of confidence in the organization,
  • Here cybersecurity makes people feel secure that companies they are trusting can’t be hacked exposing their information.

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