iOS 13

IOS 13 is one of the latest operating system that Apple has created to be used by iPads and iPhones. It is the update of the software that comes with iPhone 11.

Usually, we always have an idea as to what to look forward to, but this time, Apple has thrown in a few features we were not expecting.

For instance, Face Identification has now become significantly faster when being used. Another is the new keyboard with a swipe style know as QuickPath.

Although it is not a total change of the iOS 13, it definitely comes with a significant number of new features and abilities.

Apple did not stop the use of its optimization thread which was curled out with iOS 12, hence, iOS 13 is significantly faster and efficient.

Downloading from App Store will now be smaller by a whopping 50% and updates will be smaller by 60%. So compared to the previous version, iOS 13 will make App Launch twice as fast.

iOS 13

Some of the most anticipated features

Photos: new features have been added to the app like new editing options, Siri shortcuts are now more efficient than ever with the latest multi-step automation.

It also comes with a new feature that allows users to reply to messages instantly.

Barring online callers: iOS restricts spam calls, so your iPhone can now block callers who are not known, who aren’t on your contact list or on your email.

To have this feature activated on your device, go to SETTINGS – PHONE – SILENCE – UNKNOWN CALLERS. Once activate, your phone will not ring once callers who are not known call.

Dark mode: this includes wallpaper, widget, lock screen, maps, messages, music, Apple News, Calendar, Notes and photos. When turned on, It reduces the strain on your eyes and also saves your battery.

To turn it on, go to CONTROL CENTRE – DARK MODE and you can also put it on a schedule to turn itself on at night.

Maps: with the Map App updated, the app now has larger road coverage, more precise addresses, a better-detailed land cover and much better pedestrian data.

It even has a look around feature, allowing you to see better level images of a city. As well as letting you share your favourite places with friends.

Siri: Siri takes you directly to some parts of an App whenever you say a key phrase; it has even improved with a new shortcuts screen that includes suggestion according to your habits.

It also displays sites, reading lists, and iCloud taps that have been visited frequently in safari.

Even its voice has become more natural with much longer and more complex utterances. Siri now functions with live radio with over 100,000 radio stations.

Quickpath: there is a new feature on the iPhone called quick path, and it works by placing your hand on the keyboard and move from letter to letter to have message spelt out. Once you install your iOS, this feature is automatically activate. This new swipe-based QuickPath keyboard option for quicker text entry. Text editing is now very easy thanks to scrolling improvements and the Files app now supports accessing files from external storage devices.

Reminders: This feature has been renovate with a new look and better efficiency that makes the App better than before. You can now easily keep track of reminders. You can now include dates, flags, locations, times and more.

Mails, iMessage and Notes: comes with a new attractive gallery view for notes, muting threads, formatting controls, as well as better search and folder management. It now allows you to upload a picture on iMessage, display names and emojis.

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi: you can now easily access Bluetooth and Wi-Fi settings via the Control Center. Swipe down from the top right corner, you get the option of long-pressing on the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi buttons to see and connect with devices or networks that are available. This feature is activate as soon as iOS is download.

HUD: A new streamline and less noticeable HUD is introduce alongside new options to download any size app upon an LTE connection

Find My: Find my friend and find my phone app has been merged into one by Apple. You can now help people find their devices if it gets lost.

If you ever lose your iPhone, and you have Find My iPhone activated, you can mark the phone as lost and Apple will find its location by asking Apple devices to find your phone’s Bluetooth signal. Once found, you will be contacted.

Health App: Now comes with a better menstrual cycle tracker, including levels of period flow, symptoms and fertility window tracks, etc. Also comes with new auto-generated highlights and summary view.

Mark Up: this feature lets you share everything from WebPages to documents. And you can easily access tools when using Apple pencils.

Privacy: Apple respects your privacy; Hence they have added a lot of features to improve your privacy i.e.

You can decide to share your location to an app once, after which the app is require to ask you again. There is also a hide my email feature for sign-ups.

Apple is a new privacy base alternative to existing sign-in options from companies like Twitter, Google, and Facebook, which are made to allow you to use your existing accounts to quickly and easily sign in to other apps and services.

Sign in with Apple works like Google, Twitter, and Face book sign-in options, but with an important distinction — Apple does not track or profile you when you use the feature.

HomePod: For the first time, HomePod can differentiate between different voices, so everyone in your home can have a profile and access to their favourite music.

A new Handoff setting lets you easily transition your music, podcasts, or phone calls from your HomePod. There’s also a new sleep timer that turns off music after a pre-arranged period of time.

Voice control: The new Voice Control accessibility allows you to operate your iPhone or iPad entirely with your voice.

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