It is no wonder the best handset many would aspire to have as one of there assets, one that everyone is looking to better as it sets trends. In terms of upgrade the iPhone 11 range came with little add specifications into comparision with what the iPhone 12 has. It comes with new camera tweaks and inbult power inside making it the modest popular iPhone range.

The best news is that there could be a possibility of the phone having a super charge screen, a new design, new cameras and a 5G next generation internet network. If all those romours were to be true , it would be certainly the greatest upgrade we are waiting and hoping for.

Basing with our thoughts on what is expect mix together with updates and latest leaks here is what the latest iPhone would be consisting of:



The iPHONE 12 price is likely to be close to the current models or a price higher than that. iPhone 11 retails at $699, the iPhone 12 Pro starting at $999 and the iPhone 11 Pro Max $1,099. With that report the price for the iPhone 12 range might be a little bit higher.

On its release date it is likey for the phone to be release on september 2020 since the iPhone company lanches new phones metronomically at this particular time of the year. In case the phone will be release on the second week of september, you will be able to order it and have it deliver in a span of six to ten days.

iPHONE 12  design


The iphone 12 could be having some big changes on the screen and its design comparing with what the iPhone 11 ranges have. The front camera is set under the screen and this will make it the most expensive phone apple have ever launch.

Apple have develope the phone in such a way that its new face ID will be highly redesigne, with the company giving a try in some different combinations such that the front facing optics fits well in the top bezel.

On recent leaks, the designs are likely to be staying the same, with some differences in camera layout and its dimensions. The metal frame is most likely to be similar to the iPhone 4’s frame, reavealing that it will not be like current models which are curve. The phones overall design is with no doubt likely to be much different with the existing iPhone models available in the market.

There will be a brand big change as existing models have no finger print scanner whereas the iPhone 12 is built with an in-screen finger scanner that is likely to replace the face ID though high chances are apple company would not get that far. Its colour is romour to drop from forest green from its initial predecessor for a svelte hue – navy blue classier look.

iPHONE 12 display


The stardard iPhone 12 2020 models have a higher Hz refresh rate of 120 up from 60 Hz on the existing models. The size of the screen is set to change with an apple analyst saying that the iPhone 12 Pro Max have a display screen of 6-7 inches and the iPhone 12 Pro having a 5.5 inch screen. The screen display of iPhone 12 will not change but it will be upgrade to OLED from LCD and hence the 2020 iPhone generation will be having an OLED screen.

This phone is specially designesd that the three models will have cheaper, thinner and more energy efficient screens comparing with the iPhone 11 range. This will enhance the phone batterly lasting long as well as it being thinner and comfortable to carry.


It is highly romour that the iPhone 12 series will come with the 5G internet connectivity as some other android phones in the market already support 5G. The iPhone 12 Pro ahd iPhone 12 Pro Max are suspect to have a RAM of 6GB even though the iPhone 12 has 4GB.


  • Lower price

iPhone 12 series may rise at a lower price than the iPhone XR which is the expensive handset launch by apple. It could be one of the best selling affordable phones to be produce in over a decade

  • High refreshing rate

The new iPhone models may come with a higher refreshing rate of up to 120 Hz from the standard 60 Hz.

Currently, the phone with the highest refreshing rate is the OnePlus 7 Pro having 70 Hz hence the iPhone 12 may be a better model.

  • Great new features

The new iPhone may brilliant and better than it is expect as lots of people are only hoping apple will bring together their minds and manufacture there dream phone. One that has a detachable Vr glass that is mind-blowing.

  • New design

The only thing that Apple customers will be looking at is the new design as the company have been repeating the initial design in so many years. The large notch, has every component need for face identification making it the best phone currently.

  • 5G internet support

The apple company is far behind as long as 5G is concern since some companies -like Samsung and OnePlus have the feature already install in there current models making them have a high internet speed than what the 4G phones could offer. It is rumour the apple company will support the 5G network in the iPhone 2020 series.

  • Fair battery boosts

The iPhone 11 range had a really promising battery life in their phones, but the company may decide to go further, at least not backwards with the iPhone 12.

We are looking to get a phone that can comfortably go for two days and the iPhone 12 Pro or the iPhone 12 Pro Max definitely will last that long.

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