Justin Beiber

justin bieber
justin bieber

  • Full Name – Justin Drew Bieber
  • Born – 1 March 1994, Canada
  • Residence – Strait-Ford, Ontario, Canada
  • Genre – Pop, R and B, Teen Pop
  • Profession – singer, musician and actor
  • Active years – 2008 to present Record Label – Island, RBMG

Justin Bieber was born in Canada. He was raised in Strait-Ford, Ontario. He is the only son of Jeremy Bieber and Patricia Malitke. Bieber also has two half-brothers. Patty raised Bieber as a single mother by doing many cheap jobs. His financial condition has been weak. Bieber and his father have a very good relationship. Bieber studied at Catholic school and learned to play piano, drums, guitar and trumpet from childhood. In 2012 Bieber graduated from Straight-ford Ontario St. Michael Catholic Secondary School.

Canadian pop star Justin Bieber is a popular name, with millions of his fans. Justin made his way into millions of hearts at the age of just 13 with a video from YouTube. At the age of 13, Justin Bieber’s video became an internet sensation and millions of people became crazy about him. Bieber’s first song “One Time” was released in 2009 and the song has been among the top 10 in Canada. Justin’s debut album was My World, which was released in 2009. Justin is the first artist to have 7 songs “Billboard Hot” and was included in the World 100 list.

Justin Bieber first YouTube video was uploaded by his mother to YouTube. After listening to Justin on YouTube while discovering a new singing talent, businessman Scooter Bron prepared him for a banging entry into the world of music.

Bieber is also fond of keeping pets. Justin often shares his pet photos on social media. Justin Bieber is very fond of tattoos. He has many tattoos on his body.

In the year 2017, Canadian singer Justin had assets worth Rs 1400 crores. In 2017, Justin was at number six on the list of celebrities under 30. Justin became a $ 100 million owner at the age of 17. Justin earns 80 million dollars a year i.e. 5 billion rupees. According to Forbes magazine, Justin has been included in the list of the world’s 10 most powerful celebrities four times. Justin Bieber music album has sold over 10 million music records. But Not only this, Bieber is also one of the most popular celebrities on social media.


  • 2010 – My World 2.0
  • 2011 – Under the Mistletoe
  • 2012 – Believe
  • 2015 – Purpose
  • 2020 – Changes

Controversy and arrest with Justin Bieber

  • He was successful in avoiding arrest in several countries before his first arrest in 2014. It was also charged with reckless driving in 2012 and vandalism in Brazil in 2013, but managed to escape without arrest in all of these cases. Bieber’s neighbor in California filed a case stating that he had laid eggs in his home on January 9, 2014, causing his home’s valuables to break and millions of dollars in damage. In this also no one was arrested.

Reckless driving


  • On 23 January 2014, he was jailed in Miami Beach, Florida for reckless driving with another singer and driving with a license expired 6 months ago and resisting arrest. In interrogation with police, Justin stated that he had drunk and smoked as well as consumed drugs. Due to lack of evidence and evidence, a United States court ordered only $ 2,500 to be filled.

House demolition

  • Justin was accused by a neighbor in California of breaking into a house. She said that Justin had spilled eggs on 9 January 2014, breaking many of the home’s valuables and causing millions of dollars in damage. On 9 July 2014, the court held Justin guilty that he had vandalized his neighbor’s house. Earlier police reported that there was also a video of Justin’s enthusiastic friends, including the scene after the egg was thrown. In exchange for a two-year sentence, the court sentenced him to deposit $ 80,900, including managing to control anger for 12 weeks and five days of social service. Justin then left the place forever and moved to a house in Beverly Mountain.

Justin Bieber Achievements:


  • Justin Bieber’s 10 million per song made him Canada’s best-selling artist. On 23 November 2012, Prime Minister of Canada Stephen Harper awarded her the second Diamond Jubilee Medal of Queen Elizabeth. In 2013, Justin Bieber received the Recording Industry Association of America and The Diamond Award, becoming the most-heard digital song after his song “Baby”.
  • Even today Justin Bieber is constantly associated with music and continues to entertain his fans with his music.

Facts and lifestyles about justin bieber

Justin Bieber has almost Dollard 300  million but it still isn’t happy fame and money wouldn’t enough to make him happy it’s hard to believe that this cute teenager would end up becoming one of the most hated artists with so many legal issues what happened to Justin Bieber. Justin became famous when he was only 13 and since then has made a fortune of dollar 265 million last year he bought a mansion in Canada which has its horse track he also has a small house in California which is worth more than dollar eight point five million. there he throws the wildest parties and his neighbors hate him because of that to get in one of his parties guests must sign a confidentiality agreement and if this is something or upload videos he can’t sue them for a dollar five million but with so much success money and power. Justin let his fame get out of hand and his life started to tumble I started doing pretty heavy stuff at 19 and

Justin bieber life style
Justin bieber life style

abused all of my relationships. I became resentful disrespectful to women and angry and Selena Gomez suffered the worst out of all who he cheated on and mistreated during the relationship. I met every bad decision you could have thought of and went from one of the most loved and adored people in the world to the most ridiculous and hated person in the world. it took Justin many years to realize them is take he made it was his wife Halle Marvin who made him wait as are sult. he expressed himself with a long later on Instagram have you noticed the statics of child stars and the outcome of their life there is an infinite pressure and responsibility put on a child whose brain emotions frontal lobe disease in making Aaron develop Fiat, but when you add the pressure of stardom it does something to you that is quite unexplainable. I went from a thirteen-year-old boy from a small town to being raised left and right by the world you heard these things enough as a young boy and you actually start believing it I was eating with no skill in the real world good millions of dollars and access to whatever I wanted this is a very scary concept for anyone it’s not the first time.

When Justin Bieber and Huey Baldwin first met

When Justin Bieber and Huey Baldwin first met the moment they walked down the aisle Justin Bieber and Haley Baldwin first met in October of 2009 when Haley’s dad Steve introduced them backstage at the Today Show there is a very awkward video of it Haley was only 13 Justin was 15 she was just meeting her her popstar dream her boyfriend this is amazing imagine having the video of when you first met your now husband in 2011 Justin and Haley met again when Haley said Steve brought Haley to the Never Say Never premiere in Times Square so they took some photos on the red carpet meanwhile Justin and Selena were making their debut as a couple so while Justin and Selena were making waves their couple debuted the whole world was freaking out even Haley was freaking out because in September she tweeted I don’t care what anyone says but Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez


together is the definition of a teenage dream hash tag word listen.

everyone agreed with Haley at the time and it was the definition of a teenage dream she didn’t know that she was gonna end up needing him and being in love with him how would she know this is also just where having old tweets and you can laugh them but there’s is also moments where you go back and you’re like oh delete.

Justin and Selena dated until 2014but Justin started to hang out with the Jenner s and in August Kylie posted a photo with Kendall Gigi and Haley which cause Selena to unfollow the Jenner’s and the picture was deleted in November of that year selena and Justin officially split and that’s when Justin Haley Kendall they all started hanging out more especially at the Hill song Church where they were all the time so we started seeing more and more pictures of Halley and Justin hanging out but really deny dating rumors to eat and she says I’ve known him since I was so young since I was like 13 and we’ve just been good friends over the years and we have just stayed close and there’s nothing more to it than that then a week later.

Bieber posted a selfie with Haley in the back of their car he said people are crazy I’m super single clarifying again


that Haley was just a really good friend the non December 27th Haley tweeted glad I got such a good night of sleep last night at my own home alone quit it with the stories they were spotted going back to Bieber’s place on the night of December 26th and out of breakfast on the 27th we’ve seen these photos it’s clear you know anytime you see somebody at night and then in the morning one plus one equals two you just put it together something was going listen they were probably having a sleepover andwe don’t blame them for that to start off2015 Justin posted a video wishing everybody a Happy New Year Haley made an appearance but she  edit again he’s just going through a time in his life where he’s transitioning in a really positive way and he needs good people around him and I’m trying to be a good friend and be there for him and support him.

so once again Haley is done I’m denying that they’re anything but friends they continue to be spotted together on January 23rd Kendall Instagram a group photo where they are cheek to cheek I’m at a Clippers game this is like it was this close you know is cheek to cheek contact you know you got to be real close we got started on cheeks in July they got matching tattoos in honor of the daughter of members of their church the letter G for Georgia Justin got it on his forearm and Haley got it behind her ear everybody freaked out because Selena also has a G behind her ear they thought maybe there was some connection there.

Selena also goes to the church but she has a half-sister named Gracie that’s probably makes probably there a son then on November 23rd 2015 Justin and Selena were spotted together in LA Justin saying my girl to her in are taurant video and he advanced Alinea sorry what do you mean and mark my words from purpose were all about Selenaye’s so this video of Justin singing my girl sent everybody into hysterics they couldn’t believe it all the side of Justin Selena are back and he’s seen my girl in December hailey post pictures and Justin sweatpants and in now deleted comments according to Hollywood life he wrote give me back my sweatpants dick and she said no sorry they look better on me then on December29th Justin and hailey took a trip to Anguilla with his family he put out videos of them on Instagram where he gives her a wet willy and a bunch of photos from this trip and they rang in the New York together yeah he was with his whole family like you said.

we saw so much content from this trip I remember and we were so confused we had just seen Justin and Selena now hailey is on a whole family vacation I guess it didn’t work out with Selena because he decided I’m gonna take hailey not Selena right how do you figure out who gets that invite and like we all suspected because they were together all the time2016 came around and Justin posted a photo of them making out on Instagram and everybody lost it then in February right after these pictures were posted everyone assumed that they must be dating but they both said they are not exclusive we are not an exclusive couple he’s about to go on tour relationships at this age are already complicated but I don’t like to really talk about it cuz it’s between me and him so.

he told GQ that she is someone he really loves but he’s too busy for a relationship I already have a lot that I have to commit to a lot of responsibilities I don’t want to feel like the girl I love as an added responsibility he also said what if hailey ends up being the girl I’m gonna marry right if I rush into anything if I damage her then it’s always gonna be damaged sn’t unbelievable should have this quote framed in their house no he is gonna marry her a weird moment you know they got so much crap everybody thought they were moving so fast but were they I mean he was making these comments in2016 about marrying her but in August2016 things took a turn Justin was photographed with Sophia Ricci it seemed like they were dating everybody was on following each other Justin un followed Haley and vice versa and then we entered what we could just call a dark time for Halley and Justin right they had no contact they did not hang out in social settings it seemed like they were never gonna be friends ever again.

so during this time Selena Gomez was dating the weekend but once that ended Justin and Selena ended up together


again in February of 2018 she went to Justin’s dad’s wedding they were going to hockey games together Selena is apparently allegedly feuding with her mom over her dating Justin again it was a full-blown Justin and Selena nightmare until eventually, they broke up again now during this time while Selena and Just in work together Haley was seen with Shawn Mendes multiple times in Toronto hugging are they all together are they not together what’s going on we find out at the Met Gala when they make their buton the red carpet it was insanity Haley and Shawn they walked the Met Gala carpet together everybody freaked out this is as official as it gets and yet somehow they were still kind of denying that they were.

together it was it was a weird time and it doesn’t seem like it lasted long because Haley was right back to Just in soon after the Met Gala so is the end of May when things got interesting again because Haley told the Times UK that she and Justin were friends again she was single but this was a step in the right direction they had not been talking at all so for her to even say they were friends something was going on we knew something was going on because on June11th Halley and Justin were spotted getting close at a church conference in Miami they were apparently inseparable and then soon after that there was a video of them at live nightclub in Miami I started freaking out when I saw them together in Miami I thought that my dreams were coming true I’ve been rooting for Dustin and Haley this whole time I was so excited I didn’t want to get too excited though because I just was like maybe they are just friends but it seemed a little too close we were in two very different positions you love Haley Baldwin I love Justin Selena so I think we just it’s crazy we were indifferent head spaces I was at what is going on why are Justin Selena breaking up again I was rooting for it yeah it’s just it was such a crazy time and you thought.

maybe they could end up being friends again who knows I did not think Justin and Selena that that was going to be the end of Justin Selena and boy was I wrong because things took off pretty fast in June 2018 Justin Haley are making out all over Brooklyn I mean these two you couldn’t go a day without seeing a picture of that showing off their love their PDA in New York throughout the whole month they were traveling together they’re in hot tubs together Haley deleted all of her Shawn Mendes content from her Instagram it seems like they’re 100% dating Justin and Haley got to make sure we get the names right it’s Justin Haley dating now then the biggest shock of all comes when TMZ reports.

Justin Bieber proposed to Haley Bald win in the Bahamas they’re engaged we’ve freaked out because this was it’s been a month right we see them making outlook other they’re happy they’re in love they’re young kids BAM they are full-blown engaged they’re in love they get married Haley also tweeted about it and then they headed back to New York City to celebrate their engagement all we wanted to see was photos of her engagement ring and we got them when we got them Justin Bieber he did a good job I mean this ring is stunning absolutely gorgeous I mean it looked like her hand could just fall to the floor they looked so in love from July to August things were hot and steamy for Justin Halley there was photos of them everywhere the one everybody freaked out about was them kissing in a hot tub then on August 8ththey were both seen crying in pictures in New York City.

which seemed to be a weird trend that followed after this because there was multiple pictures of them crying on many different instances yeah and you knew the media was gonna run away with that right you’re see there they’re supposed to be engaged and in love and there so many emotions the tears so the rumor mill was flying on were they already gonna break up then an even bigger shock than the engagement comes on September 13th when tansy reports they went to the New York City’s marriage bureau to get a marriage license witnesses said he cried inside and said I can’t wait to marry you baby and then people then said they went ahead and just did it without listening to anyone this was insane we had no idea what was going on we see these pictures of them outside of the courthouse they  say they got the license we were thinking maybe they just got the license they’ll get married you know you go  have the marriage license at your actual wedding but turns out they just wake up said that marry they just straight-up did it even though.

Haley was denying the marriage she was tweeting they didn’t actually get married which really just is why it’s just

justin bieber
justin bieber

confused all of us it was necessary so as we’re all speculating if they’re a married couple or not these two just go off to Europe they’re in London he’s singing outside of Buckingham Palace to her I love my life is she you want yet why meanwhile her uncle Alec does say that they did in fact get married how wild does a Baldwin wedding get I feel like if we got married I know but and I don’t know what the deal is because I mean I tweet text Haley every now and then we met him one time but as I said you know when you get married you know I mean I think it works best if you could really be together then on November 16th Haley Baldwin changed her social media to Haley  Bieber officially confirming she took the last name she’s officially a Bieber that was all the confirmation we needed we started getting little hint she was calling her his wife on Thanks giving.

he said first Thanks giving as a married man but it wasn’t till later that year that it was obvious that they were married and Haley changing her name showed that in February of 2019Haley does a vogue 73 questions where she clarified about that engagement saying that they were alone in a house when Justin proposed that Justin did ask for her dad’s permission and she hinted that her wedding dress would be an off-white color can you give me any hints about that dress you’re gonna  wear I can’t say much but I can’t say it’s kind of like an off-white color which was probably a hint we should have all picked up on they also had a full vogue spread where they talked about waiting until marriage to have sex that they had reconciled through the church Haley.

it said by the end of the conference in Miami Justin said to her I’m not gonna be Justin Bieber pulled the classic Margot Robbie from Wolf of Wall Street just looked her straight in the eye said we’re not gonna be friends it’s a Power Move by Justin because it’s clearly knew he liked her in August it was confirmed that they would finally be having their wedding ceremony in South Carolina on September 30th we got tons of photos from Haley’s bachelorette and her rehearsal dinner they looked so beautiful stunning the pictures were amazing then on September 30th 2019 we finally get what we’ve been waiting for else their beautiful wedding reception in South Carolina Haley wore an off-white dress designed by Virgil of course the veil said till death do us part she also wore a different dress the reception it was a little different from the first one they had Tiffany wedding rings and they had beautiful wedding portraits which included a lot of celebrity guests this was the wedding to be at it looked like so much fun honestly just for that photo booth alone it was one of the best photo booths I’ve ever seen right.

I would want to be thereof course to see Justin and Haley celebrates our love between God and marriage but the host photo booth that photo quality portraits you’re gonna have that for the rest of your life Justin saying one less lonely girl to Haley on stage at the reception I would have just burst into flames I don’t know what would have happened I could cry right now thinking about this this is such a special moment I’m sure Haley has been waiting her whole life to be the one less lonely girl I’m sure she was like us wanting to get up on stage she doesn’t he’ll get up on stage anywhere the wedding is her stage her husband is Justin Bieber and they’re officially married it’s making me think of every Justin Bieber concert that I went to where I wanted to be the one less only girl when I wasn’t it kind of ruined the night I’ve done well Haley’s the last one less lonely girl and that’s the story of Justin and Haley Bieber.


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