Mobile Battery Charger

Mobile battery charger refers to a device which can charge any mobile phone’s battery. The universal mobile battery charger is compatible with batteries of most of the cell phones, PDAs, digital cameras with the minimal outcome of 4.3v or under 2000 mAh capacity. There are some specifications one must know about the mobile battery charger.

What is a mobile battery charger?
How does a battery charger works?
Simple guidelines when buying a charger?
Types of cell phone batteries?

What is mobile charger?

A mobile charger refers to a gadget which can mechanically restore a cell phone’s battery when its charging gets low. These days a mobile phone is the biggest priority and need of everyone whether it be a businessman or a housewife and to use the mobile phone you need a consistent battery. There are a number of chargers simple charger, trickle charger, timer-base charger, universal battery charger, USB base charger, solar charger and motion powered chargers.

These charges vary according to the requirements and applications. There are two methods of charging one is fast charging method and slow charging method. Fast charging is use to recharge batteries in a minimum two hours or less and slow charging is use to recharge the batteries throughout the night. The disadvantage of slow charging is this that it takes too much time.

A mobile battery charger price may vary differently according to its quality. The better the quality, the higher the price

How battery charger works?

A fine battery charger gives the foundation for batteries which are long-lasting and carry out skillfully along with the increasing height of market prices. Battery and charger work as a team without charger phone is nothing. Normally chargers are identify by its charging speed when the batteries go down you need the charger again and again.

A charger works by providing a continuous supply of DC or pulsedDC power source to the battery being charge. Normally a safely designed simple charger may take longer time to charge the battery.

Simple guidelines when buying a charger?

• Charging a battery is very effectual at the time when its state-of-charge (SOC) is lower. Receiving of charge drops when the battery gets to a SOC of 70% and more than that. A complete charge battery can not transfer electric energy into chemical energy much longer and the charge should be modulate to drizzle or bring to an end.
• Wadding a battery far away from full state-of-charge converts surplus energy into heat and gas. With the help of li-ion, unwant material can be prevent.
• One must use accurate charger for the deliberate battery chemistry only. One must be sure that the battery voltage agrees with the charger.
• Keep an eye on battery temperature while usi6a cheap charger detach battery when snug

Types of cell phone batteries?

The most usual kind of battery changers are:

. Nickel-cadmium (NiCd)
. NiMh (NiMh)
. Lithium-ion (Li-ion)
. Lithium Polymer (Li-pol) batteries

Most of the mobile phones provide lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries. Lithium Polymer (Li-pol) is the latest type of battery. When you are thinking about pursuing a new phone you must check the user manual of the phone to see the accumulator type it supports.

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