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Students can often be confused by hearing these words from the tutor “please, write a “mobile essay”. In fact, there is nothing to be afraid of! A book report is just a completely factual short summary of a book. Book report usually follows similar format (it includes information about the author, title, place and year of publication and the main part is a summary of the content of the book) but it may vary in length and complexity depending on your tutor and on the academic level. All book reports should include Introductory Paragraph, Body Paragraph and Conclusion.

Your first problem with a book report may arise if you dislike a specific book assigned for you to read. You’ll get negative report and you’ll not enjoy the process.

The second problem – it is hard to find enough time for reading in the hustle and bustle of modern everyday life. One more important question: “How many times should you read the book before writing the book report”? You’ll be surprised, but at least twice is recommended!

Ok, let’s assume for the moment that you’ve read the book twice… what next? Writing the basic elements down in an outline format will help you to organize your thoughts.
No matter what book you’ve chosen, your teacher probably wants you to be aware of these Elements of a Book: CHARACTERS, SETTING, EXPOSITION, FORESHADOWING, CONFLICT, CLIMAX AND RESOLUTION, STYLE.

Making this outline you must be sure to recognize the main idea or ideas in the book also Mobile essay.

Now you are ready to write the first draft. Follow your outline as you write the draft, making sure to balance the general and the specific. Here you can still make additional notes in the margins.

For the final draft of any book report, you can choose some standard or unusual format of writing: a classic one, interview style, plays style, diary format, newspaper article, poem, collage or comic formats.

All of your revisions should have been made on your first draft so your only job now is to make sure that your presentation is correct. Check all possible grammar and spelling errors.

What to do if your teachers love to assign book reports? Sure, you could follow all the steps mentioned above… but how many days it will take? How else you could spend those hours and days?

How to buy a book report online?

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